YOGA in Basel

Come and join me on the path of Yoga. Together we will calm our EGO and come present. We will experience healing – creating inner peaceful space trough meditation, asana-practice and pranayama. 

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The salad of luck

Hi lovely souls :-)

I would like to present you my salad of luck. When I was a child my mom used to mix grated apples and grated carrots with curd and honey – that was her “salad of luck” and I loved it.

These days I was craving it so bad that I decided to make my own vegan version of it and it turned out D E L I C I O U S and so refreshing. 

Here is how to:

1 apple

2 carrots

dashes of cinnamon


1 clove of fresh ginger

agavenectar (or what you like) to sweeten

Blend everything together and topp it with (opt.) seeds or dried fruits. Enjoy!


Smoothie bowl #1

Part of my rawfood experience are smoothiebowls. I create them out of frozen fruit and veggies and add some superfoods like dark organic cacao/ spirulina/ maca powder etc..

They taste like heaven and you nourish your body mind and soul and it’s vegan. 

This version is made out of frozen blueberries, cauliflower, dark cacao and frozen strawberries – topped with cashews and organic chili cacao nibs.

(To blend the frozen things I use a NUTRIBULLET which I recommend to everyone for the healthy kitchen.)


The Hulk 

I decided to nourish my body in a more raw way… Thats one of my daily superfood smoothies. Packed with amazing ingredients.

+ spinach

+ cucumber

+ ginger

+ lemonjuice

+ 1 apple

+ 1 pear or 1 ripe kiwi


Autumn Protein Bars

These I made for my mister who needs his body to be charged during his workout days. I made the experience that there is a huge variety of protein-bars to order for ex. in online-stores but often very expensive… And do they taste good? And what kind of additives they have? So… Why not do it by myself?!

Seriously it took me only 10 min. To prepare the “dough” plus 30 in the oven (200 c).


Ca. 80 gr oats

1 scoop protein powder (your choice)

1 pear (cut into little pieces)

1 tbsp ground almonds

Some raisins

3 dates (cut into pieces)


Sunflower seeds

Sweetener of choice (honey if not vegan)

Mix it well and let the “dough” rest for ca. 5 min.

Then spread it on a rectangular baking-tray and put it into the oven for ca. 30 min. (200 c).

Take it out and if you like, sprinkle some cacao over it.

Let it rest for another 15 min. and they are ready to be cut or engulfed :-). 


Buenos dias 

Dark organic cacao oatbowl with spanish figs, some almonds and fresh raspberries.

Feel free to add some other things :-). I like it simple at the moment. Let me know your creations @ – I will publish the best 3 then.